Thursday, March 25, 2010

KTL051 -S6E09- Ab Aeterno

Keys To LOST: Episode 51. S6E09. Ab Aeterno. While Leslie's on tour, Jed Findlay from LOSTies with Jed and Cara vidcast stop's in and takes a stab at the trials of podcasting with Matt. Jed offers a Jedli section that compares two key scenes in LOST while Matt's Giacchino Moment covers a new theme for Richard. Together they hash out the ninth episode of season six of LOST. To submit feedback send e-mail to or call 314-754-9662

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  1. I have a thought regarding the day vs. night for The Black Rock. Here's how I explained it in my head: The Black Rock was not sailing towards the island, it was passing more or less alongside it, but at a distance. The storm came up much later in the day and drove it back towards the island. That's why it was sailing peacefully by early in the day, but it didn't crash until night.

    - Belgarion42 (Pronounced with a hard "g", like Gary, not a soft "g" like giraffe.)