Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KTL050 Aohora's Answers!

Matt is joined by Amy from LOSTblog.com to disscuss the answers coming from the 6th season of LOST

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  1. Woah, Amy does has a passionate and fresh perspective, but I really do have trouble with people that declare their theories to be correct and the only plausible one that will be. If she is proven incorrect once the ending of the show has aired, I wonder if she'll still insist she's correct. I feel like we got the bum rush from Peppermint Patty and I'm not feeling it.

    She didn't seem to let you speak, and kept saying "you know what I'm saying/mean", "does that make sense" and "okay/right?, it was very distracting to her points, along with constantly interrupting you.

    Yes, the flash sideways as dreamworld is possible, but I can't say I'd be able to enjoy an "your joys and sufferings weren't real, they were only a way for you to grow on island and ultimately save either the island/everyone/or just yourself" ending as a good one.

    The dotecode is also an interesting theory, I'm hesitant to attribute great importance to these arrangements. Maybe I'll change my mind if it's on the DVD commentaries.

    Oh and eyecolor changes. I"m not convinced at all.

    Looking forward to the return of your regular show and Leslie!

  2. Hi Matt,

    I usually love your podcast, but had to turn off within 15 minutes of this one.

    Why? Because of that awful Amy woman you had on this episode.
    She is the worst thing I have ever heard on the LPN by a VAST distance.
    I hate people who have a heightened sense of their own importance - especially one who talks as much crap as she does.
    She seems to confuse what is factual with what is her opinion, and belittles/ridicules the opinion of anyone who disagrees with her.

    In short, PLEASE never invite this ghastly specimen on your podcast again and PLEASE never let Leslie miss another show!


  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys. I agreed to have Amy on to give her a chance to air her theories and she is not scheduled to return. As for Leslie returning - she is on tour this week so you can check http://lostieswithjedcara.blogspot.com to see her appear on their vidcast, and Jed is joining me this week for our Ab Aeterno review - next week it's back to norm. Thanks for hanging with us! :)


  4. Hey Matt,
    Listening to Amy (and you!) and have to say that everything I know is wrong! Not really, but she has a wealth of ideas and it was interesting listening to her POV. She does tie her thoughts to specific events in the series. Everyone has their own opinion of what is happening - and what will happen - but she definitely makes sense. There is so much going on in the show that it's never a bad thing to get someone else's insight.

    I'm a regular listener but never commented before. I'll be eagerly checking out your next podcast. Thanks!