Saturday, March 13, 2010


Keys To LOST: Episode 47 Matt and Leslie pay tribute to Donald is LOST, Michael Giacchino, and Alex from Audibly LOST, and still manage to work in a few comments about LOST's seventh hour of Season 6 - "Dr. Linus". Leslie turns the interviewing tables on documentary film maker Alex, from Audibly Lost in the return of the Santi Section, while Matt's Giacchino Moment examines some subtle differences in the treatment of Ben's Theme, as well as a full breakdown of the Oceanic 6 theme.

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  1. Another excellent podcast guys, thank you :)

    Thanks also for the interview with Alex, It really is a cool idea and subject for making a documentary, I'm looking forward to watching it :)

  2. Thanks for listening! We are looking forward to Alex's work coming to a great fruition for him!