Thursday, March 4, 2010


Keys To LOST: Episode 45- Matt and Leslie talk "Sundown" with key scene analysis, theories and answers, and feedback. Matt's Giacchino moment tackles the "Temple Theme" and some comparisons to Jacob's theme. To submit feedback send email to or call 314-754-9662

00:00:15 - Catch A Falling Star --
00:01:58 - Intro and Plugs --
00:09:33 - Initial Reactions --
00:14:15 - Three Words --
00:23:53 - Key Scenes --
00:40:14 - Giacchino Moment --
00:51:04 - Theories and Answers --
01:02:08 - Feedback --
01:25:12 - Closing Thoughts

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  1. I think that Kate's going along with Flocke because she finally has Claire in her sights. She's very "mission oriented" and her purpose was to rescue Claire and I think she intends to do so, if possible.
    How Claire feels about the whole thing will be another kettle of fish. Like you said, if she thinks through what Jin and Kate have told her, she'll realize that her "friend's" been lying to her but she may not have time to think things through.