Thursday, February 18, 2010

KTL042 - S6E04 "The Substitute"

Keys To LOST: Episode 42 S6E04 "The Substitute" - Matt and Leslie talk up "The Substitute", and tackle feedback in this ep. Matt's Giacchino moment explores the Timeline X Locke Theme, and it's possible relation to the Nemisis theme.To submit feedback for the podcast call 314-754-9662, or send e-mail to

--00:00:15 - The Substitute
--00:02:55 - Intros and Plugs
--00:06:58 - Initial Reaction
--00:11:58 - Three Words
--00:23:28 - Key Scene Discussion
--00:41:58 - Giacchino Moment
--00:52:08 - Theories and Answers
--01:15:33 - Feedback
--01:48:04 - Closing Thoughts
--01:51:20 - Outtakes

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  1. Matt & Leslie - Really like the podcast. The show has great structure, tempo, recording quality and level of intellect.

    Of course, the Giacchino segment is fantastic and unique in the Lost podcasting community. Thanks to both of you for your continued excellence.

  2. Thanks James! We appreciate you taking the time to listen!

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