Friday, February 12, 2010

KTL040 - S6E03 - What Kate Does

Keys To LOST Episode 40 - in this week's episode Matt and Leslie tackle the subtleties found in S6e03 "What Kate Does". Together they tackle feedback, key scenes, theories, answers and three words. Matt's Giacchino moment offers a theme, a correction, and a connection. To submit feedback call 314-754-9662 or email

-00:00:15 -Who is Kate?-
-00:02:58 -Intros and plugs-
-00:08:53 -Initial reaction-
-00:12:36 -Three Words-
-00:23:52 -Key scene discussion-
-00:45:35 -Theories and answers-
-01:04:07 -Giacchino moment-
-01:17:45 -Feedback-
-01:34:16 -Closing thoughts-
-01:39:44 -Outtakes-

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  1. Matt, any chance that you have a compilation of your "Giacchino Moments" available? Thanks for the great podcast. LT

  2. Hi Lottery Ticket! Thanks so much, and yes there are currently two compilation episodes of Giacchino Moments (I'll be releasing from episode 19 through current soon). They are episodes 17.5 (for episodes 13-18)
    and episode 17 (for all prior Giacchino Moments)

  3. Matt, it took five years to get to the music of LOST but I'm there and so glad that you took the time to present in this fashion and with such passion for your craft. The study of LOST's words, cinematography, direction, and sound elevates the viewing. Walkabout is the brilliant melding of these crafts and certainly the reason why many stayed with the show. Paraphrasing Jack, "I have to go back!" and put your lessons to work. I think Walkabout a perfect start. Thank you.