Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KTL032 - Holiday Special LOST Rockin' Moments

Matt and Leslie present 25 LOST Rockin Moments (scenes of LOST set to song) as suggested by listeners and podcasters alike.

Happy Holidays from the Matt and Leslie!

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  1. Hi Matt & Leslie.
    Sending you warmest wishes for the holidays.
    Thanks so so much for the Rockin' moments podcast It was totally AWESOME.

    Happy New Year Guys x

  2. Listened to the podcast in its' entirety. Really enjoyed it. Good job Matt and Leslie.

  3. Okay that was just full of the awesome. I've listened to a lot of Lost Podcasts over the years and that has got to be among the best, if not THE best produced 150 minutes or so of Lost Podcastness ever to dance past my ears. Wow! Very cool. Great work by Matt, Leslie, Donald, and everyone who contributed ideas and stuff. Amazing collaborative effort. Happy holidays and have a great new year. =)

  4. Thanks guys! This podcast truly was a joy to create. Thanks for listening

  5. When are we going to have another one haha...
    and hides*