Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keys To LOST Ep 022 - Kate Austen Part 1 of 2

Episode 22 - This week Matt and Leslie begin to tackle the much disputed character of Kate Austen. Leslie's Santi Section lyrically looks at Kate's battle with her demons and Matt and Leslie tag team in the Giacchino Moment to explore themes used for scoring Kate and songs that are the soundtrack of Kate's life.To submit feedback call 314-754-9662 or e-mail Matt and Leslie at

-00:00:00 - Hate On Kate-
-00:02:46 - Intro-
-00:06:52 - Basic Character Info-
-00:11:37 - Three Words-
-00:14:48 - Character Analysis Part 1-
-00:42:35 - Santi Section-
-00:50:12 - Character Analysis Part 2-
-01:21:47 - Giacchino Moment-
-01:40:22 - Closing Thoughts-

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  1. Hi when will you be doing a character reference on Sawyer, then Ben ?


    cutepoison10 ( twitter account )

  2. This is such an excellent analysis of Kate. I just happened upon your podcast through a Lost fan on Twitter and am so glad I did. Cannot wait to listen to more. I love the even-handed job you did with a very polarizing character who I happen to greatly enjoy watching despite (or perhaps because of) all of her flaws. I greatly enjoyed your perspective of the musical choices as well as I am a Giacchino lover. I haven't listened to many of your podcasts yet but I also appreciate the clever naming of MG's songs. Such as S3's "Only Pebble in the Jungle" which played over Jack's love declaration of course implying that the unique happenstance of finding the one pebble in the jungle caused a ripple effect leading to Jack's impulsive "I Love You." Great work!