Friday, August 28, 2009

Episode 015 - Rewatch of 'Confidence Man'

In this week's episode Matt and Leslie re-watch 'Confidence Man' from season 1. Leslie gives a brief review of Watership Down, and her Santi Section covers the first Sawyer/Kate kiss. Matt's Giacchino moment dives into the Sawyer theme and a theme often associated with Jack doing something controversial. Together the two do more Locke theorizing and explore the use of loops in all of the character's lives and the possibility of it all being part of Jacob's plan. Leslie asks you to submit your 'sexiest scene' in LOST suggestion and we continue to take suggestions for questions that must be answered in season 6. Submit your comments to or call the hotline at 314-754-9662.

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  1. Hi guys - just back from vaca and catching up on all the podcasts...

    A quick comment on Stephanymac's question regarding 'The Rules' - My recollection (substantiated by lostpedia transcript for "Shape of Things to Come) is that that Ben's actual quote is "He changed the rules", to which Locke replies "What? Who? What rules?"

    My question(s) exactly! At the time of the episode, my assumption (and probably the assumption of many, if not most) was Widmore, but in light of S5, that is not at all clear. It seems that Jacob and his enemy are bound by rules as well. So, are they beholden to the same 'he'? To me, this is one of the biggest outstanding mysteries of the series.

    PS, ~really~ liked the Giacchino Moment this week - my favorite composer/arranger Carl Stalling used the Parallel Fourths technique many times in the Warner Bros Cartoons - I didn't know what it was called, or how it worked, but now I do, so thanks!

    Enjoy the water park - we just did! Take care folks!