Friday, August 28, 2009

Episode 015 - Rewatch of 'Confidence Man'

In this week's episode Matt and Leslie re-watch 'Confidence Man' from season 1. Leslie gives a brief review of Watership Down, and her Santi Section covers the first Sawyer/Kate kiss. Matt's Giacchino moment dives into the Sawyer theme and a theme often associated with Jack doing something controversial. Together the two do more Locke theorizing and explore the use of loops in all of the character's lives and the possibility of it all being part of Jacob's plan. Leslie asks you to submit your 'sexiest scene' in LOST suggestion and we continue to take suggestions for questions that must be answered in season 6. Submit your comments to or call the hotline at 314-754-9662.

-00:00:00 Introduction-
-00:05:00 Initial Reactions-
-00:09:05 Scene Analysis-
-01:08:12 Theories-
-01:23:49 Santi Section-
-01:33:30 Giacchino Moment-
-01:49:28 Listener Feedback-
-02:06:45 Closing Thoughts-

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Questions MUST you know the answers to?

Here's our list so far:

What is the smoke monster?
What are the whispers?
What is the source of pregnancy problems on the island?
What about Claire, and Walt and Aaron and Libby?
How did the black rock get to the middle of the island?
What's Richard Alpert's story?
Who are Adam and Eve?

Let us know your questions and any thoughts impressions of comic con or the ARG(s) you may have. E-mail us - or call the listner line - or comment here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Episode 014 - Rewatch of 'The Moth'

In this episode Matt and Leslie re-watch Episode 7 of Season 1, 'The Moth'. Leslie's 'Santi Section' explores the metaphor of the moth as applied to life, and Matt's Giacchino moment explores two themes connected to Charlie Pace. To give your feedback to Matt and Leslie, please send an e-mail to, or call the listener line at 314-754-9662.

-00:00:00 Finding Donald (Finale) --
-00:17:40 Introduction --
-00:22:10 Initial Reaction --
-00:25:12 Scene Analysis --
-01:24:50 Theories --
-01:36:08 Santi Section --
-01:42:06 Giacchino Moment --
-01:55:43 Listener Feedback --
-02:10:40 Closing Thoughts --

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures from the Studio...

Ok - maybe not pictures from 'the studio' - actually just Leslie and Matt on a drive to hang out and catch up after Leslie's return from her vacation.

Episode 013 - Re-watch of House of The Rising Sun

In this episode Matt and Leslie discuss their re-watch of House of the Rising Sun. Leslie's 'Santi-Section' covers the topic 'Flower Power' while Matt's Giacchino moment covers a theme that is Sun/Jin-Centric. Spolier warning are given before discussion of Comic-Con info.

- 00:00:00- Finding Donald Episode 005
- 00:10:28- Introduction -
- 00:14:48- Initial Reactions -
- 00:19:39- Scene Breakdowns -
- 00:27:59- Spoiler alert Until 00:28:19 -
- 01:08:43- Spoiler alert Until 01:09:04 -
- 01:36:48- Theories Section -
- 01:39:56- Spoiler alert Until 01:40:16 -
- 01:52:50- Santi Section -
- 01:58:12- Giacchino Moment -
- 02:11:34- Listener Feedback -
- 02:17:18- Spoiler alert Until 02:18:43 -
- 02:22:00- Closing Thoughts

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keys To LOST Comic Con Review

While Leslie's away on vacation Matt takes a look into what happened at comic con. Warning: For those not wanting to know anything about season 6, you may consider some of this material as 'spoilery'.

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