Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keys To LOST - Theories Special

Matt and Leslie are joined on MLB's All-star night with their own team of Podcast All-Stars, Alex Hahn from Alex's Hiatus Podcast, Donald from Donald is LOST, and Nancy Drew from the Lostaholic's Re-watch Podcast, to discuss the major theories about LOST.

00:00:00 - Special - 'Finding Donald' pt. 1 - 00:07:55
Theories Introductions
00:13:54 - Smoke Monster
00:49:59 - Jacob/Enemy/The Game
01:27:00 - Where will Main Characters Start Season 6?
01:52:13 - The Others Origins and Leadership
02:05:51 - Four Toed Statue
02:16:51 - Bring A Theory To The Table
02:33:47 - Upcoming Episode Ad
02:35:26 - Closing Thoughts

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  1. Hi folks - just listened to the White Rabbit Rewatch episode and the Theories Special. Kindly thanks for the mention, of course.

    Love the Giacchino Moment segments - very informative and enlightening. I'm one of them self-taught guitar plonkers, so the breakdown of the theory involved eludes me. Thanks for filling in the picture.

    The Theories Special with yourselves, Alex, Donald and Nancy Drew was another great example of what I like to think of as the 'hive mind' at work - five really smart folks who have really been paying attention add up to way more than the sum of the parts. Great choice of topics also!

    That's all - looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks to you for listening! And for your comments. I love theorizing - getting all bothered when someone shoots a hole in my stuff - because it makes me think about things in a new light. Credit to the creators and writers that we can all sit down, look at the same set of scenes, and come up with different takes on those scenes. They (above mentioned) have found the secret for tapping into our individuality - which is the greatest gift each of us have.

    Thanks again!