Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Smoke Monster Theory...

Let's take a look at the smoke monster. I believe as relayed on the blast door map in reference to 'Cerberus Vents', that the Smoke monster is in fact some form of the same as the entity 'Cerberus'. Cerberus 'is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades'. Often the dog is depicted having three heads. We saw the smoke monster divide into three separate sections when it hit the sonic fence in left behind.

I therefore believe that the smoke monster is then the overall island entity which has the three heads of 'Jacob', 'The Nemesis', and some yet unnamed personae that acts separately from Jacob or his nemesis. This would explain a great deal of the 'ambiguity' of the monster's actions. We've seen the smoke monster as a judge, as a violent destroyer, and as a help to our LOSTIES. Jacob - the help. The nemesis - the violent destroyer. Yet unidentified - the judge.

The entity is sometimes controlled by one of the 'heads' at a time. This allows the entities to control the actions of the monster, despite the wishes of the other two heads. I also believe the power of manifestation comes from the overall entity shares among the three. Jacob can manifest memories of the living (not the manifestations themselves but from the source memory) - ie Hurley's Dave, Ben's mother, Kate's Horse etc. Jacob's nemesis can manifest the dead - ie Christian, Ana Lucia, Yemi, etc.

The third entity may be able to do both or none, That much is unclear. The third entity is however 'the judge' and based on the judgement either Jacob or his nemesis carry out the judgement.

During Locke's judgment he was deemed to be allowed to live and Jacob carried out the judgement helping Locke with the boar. During Eko's judgement, as Eko was not penitent, the nemesis destroyed Eko. During Ben's judgement, he was deemed guilty but nemesis didn't carry out the sentence, and instead carried through with his plan to kill Jacob, telling Ben he must follow John Locke (himself manifesting Locke).

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  1. Awesome thoughts on the Smoke monster. I came to the website to say, i keep meaning to join in on the podcast.. things just keep happening.

    On our podcast we recently discussed the Smoke monster and found ourselves bringing up "Locke" seeing the smoke monster as a bright light in season one.

    That truely speaks volumes, because every other time we see it, its a black smoke. Leaning to the fact that Its at LEAST two entities. We were thinking a 3rd might possibly be the island, just can't figure out how it all fits in.

  2. Great thoughts - we see Locke's version of events as 'key' as well. Headed over to LPN to download your latest podcast too. Thanks for your comment!


  3. This would certainly indicate another element of religious symbolism - the Trinity, though I'm not sure the direct analogies are there for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But the writers rarely go for the explicit, but tend to employ variations on the various memes.

    One thing for sure - John Locke has been lying, sabotaging, and just generally engaging in some suspicious/inexplicable behaviors ever since his 1st encounter with Smokey in Walkabout.

    What I'm hoping for in Season 6 is a Locke-centric episode using a structure similar to "The Other 48 Days" - filling in the missing pieces - showing what really occurred during that 1st encounter, what secret did he really tell Walt, exactly why he clocked Sayid, how he just happened to come upon Jack hanging from the cliff, how he REALLY found Saywer and Kate in order to enjoy that cup of coffee and impart the parable of his mother's dog (it's not your fault), etc, etc...

    And that's just 2/3 of the way into Season 1 - the S2-4 rewatches will remind us of many more such instances, I'm certain.

    Reaching back (or forward) a little further - exactly what did Jacob's touch accomplish (besides apparently bringing John back from the dead)?

    As John says in Walkabout "I've been preparing for this for years!" Obviously, he's not the only one...

  4. Thanks TMG LOST! Love your blog! We read your thoughts on our last podcast too!