Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 006 - Pilot Part Two Re-watch

In this week's edition of Keys To Lost, Matt and Leslie explore the second half of the series pilot in re-watch style, looking at the episode from a Season 5 perspective. Leslie's 'Santi Section' explores the Yin Yang principals as applied to the show, while Matt's Giacchino moment dives into the Hollywood and Vines theme. You can leave your listener feedback at on the listener line at 314-754-9662 or e-mail Matt and Leslie at

Introduction: 00:00:30
Initial Reaction: 00:05:42
Scene Breakdown: 00:07:26
Theories Discussion: 01:00:51
Santi Section: 01:13:25
Giacchino Moment: 01:17:49
Listener Feedback: 01:26:23
Upcoming Episode: 01:33:42
Closing Thoughts: 01:34:46

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