Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Smoke Monster Theory...

Let's take a look at the smoke monster. I believe as relayed on the blast door map in reference to 'Cerberus Vents', that the Smoke monster is in fact some form of the same as the entity 'Cerberus'. Cerberus 'is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades'. Often the dog is depicted having three heads. We saw the smoke monster divide into three separate sections when it hit the sonic fence in left behind.

I therefore believe that the smoke monster is then the overall island entity which has the three heads of 'Jacob', 'The Nemesis', and some yet unnamed personae that acts separately from Jacob or his nemesis. This would explain a great deal of the 'ambiguity' of the monster's actions. We've seen the smoke monster as a judge, as a violent destroyer, and as a help to our LOSTIES. Jacob - the help. The nemesis - the violent destroyer. Yet unidentified - the judge.

The entity is sometimes controlled by one of the 'heads' at a time. This allows the entities to control the actions of the monster, despite the wishes of the other two heads. I also believe the power of manifestation comes from the overall entity shares among the three. Jacob can manifest memories of the living (not the manifestations themselves but from the source memory) - ie Hurley's Dave, Ben's mother, Kate's Horse etc. Jacob's nemesis can manifest the dead - ie Christian, Ana Lucia, Yemi, etc.

The third entity may be able to do both or none, That much is unclear. The third entity is however 'the judge' and based on the judgement either Jacob or his nemesis carry out the judgement.

During Locke's judgment he was deemed to be allowed to live and Jacob carried out the judgement helping Locke with the boar. During Eko's judgement, as Eko was not penitent, the nemesis destroyed Eko. During Ben's judgement, he was deemed guilty but nemesis didn't carry out the sentence, and instead carried through with his plan to kill Jacob, telling Ben he must follow John Locke (himself manifesting Locke).

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ep 7 - Santi Section Supplement..

Here is the video that Leslie was reffering to in her Santi Section this week.

Episode 007- Tabula Rasa Re-Watch

In this episode Matt and Leslie take a look at LOST Season 1 episode 'Tabula Rasa' from a season 5 perspective. Leslie's Santi Section covers a connection to the Air France crash, while Matt's Giacchino moment covers 'Me and My Big Mouth', the incidental music played as a mystery creature chases Michael through the jungle.
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:05:24 - Initial Reaction
00:07:19 - Scene Breakdown
01:05:43 - Theories
01:11:18 - Santi Section
01:13:50 - Giacchino Moment
01:18:55 - Listener Feedback
01:25:01 - Closing Thoughts
01:29:24 - Upcoming Episodes
01:30:25 - Goodbyes and Plugs

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lostaholics Rewatch Episode 3

Matt once again got to participate in the LOSTaholics Rewatch. This time Matt gets to join Nancy Drew of Lostaholics and her fellow Blackrock podcast partners Curt and Dan, as well as Lost Revisited Now's Heath Solo for a discussion of episodes S109-S112 - Solitary, Raised by Another, All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues, and Whatever the Case May Be.

Listen to the stream below or download the mp3 here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 006 - Pilot Part Two Re-watch

In this week's edition of Keys To Lost, Matt and Leslie explore the second half of the series pilot in re-watch style, looking at the episode from a Season 5 perspective. Leslie's 'Santi Section' explores the Yin Yang principals as applied to the show, while Matt's Giacchino moment dives into the Hollywood and Vines theme. You can leave your listener feedback at on the listener line at 314-754-9662 or e-mail Matt and Leslie at

Introduction: 00:00:30
Initial Reaction: 00:05:42
Scene Breakdown: 00:07:26
Theories Discussion: 01:00:51
Santi Section: 01:13:25
Giacchino Moment: 01:17:49
Listener Feedback: 01:26:23
Upcoming Episode: 01:33:42
Closing Thoughts: 01:34:46

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Or listen to stream below.

Monday, June 15, 2009

LOSTaholic Rewatch Episode #2

Matt once again was able to participate in Lostaholic's Rewatch, with Nancy Drew, Curt, and Dan from Black Rock podcast, Ms. Wendy from Lost Revisited now, Anna from Jacob's Cabin and Time Is Relative from for a rewatch discussion of season 1 episodes 5-8. Listen below.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hiatus Episode... Top 10 Episodes

We hope you'll join Matt, Leslie, and special guests Heath and Ms. Wendy from LOST REVISITED NOW for a special hiatus episode combining our podcasts with Heath's THE FILM LIST to share our own Top 10 LOST episodes lists. Bring your list to and be part of the community call. We haven't set a date in stone yet but it will be coming in mid to late July.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Matt from Keys To LOST is privelidged to join the premiere of LOSTAHOLICS REWATCH, covering episodes Pilot Part 1, Pilot Part 2, Tabula Rasa and Walkabout. He joins a cast of all-star podcasters to discuss the episodes in the context of the completion of season 5, including Nancy Drew, Curt, and Dan from the Black Rock Podcast, Heath From LOST Revisited Now, Anna in Indianna from Jacob's Cabin Podcast, and many many more!

Listen below:

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Episode 005 - Pilot Part 1 Review....

Matt Murdick and Leslie Santi Review the first part of the pilot Episode of LOST, with a season 5 perspective. Leslie's 'Santi Section' focuses on Evangeline Lilly's performance, and Matt's Giacchino Moment looks at a theme that has reoccurred when someone is discovering something about the island or is discovering the island itself for the first time.....

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:04:05 - Initial Reactions
00:07:07 - Scenes Breakdown
01:17:25 - Theory Discussions
01:23:25 - The Santi Section
01:26:08 - The Giacchino Moment0
01:32:50 - Listener Feedback
01:37:48 - Closing Thoughts

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