Friday, May 8, 2009


On behalf of Leslie, welcome to the Keys To LOST blog! We'll be using this to keep you informed about our weekly podcast - Keys To LOST. Leslie and I (Matt - nice to meet you!) are both keyboard musicians in the Saint Louis MO area and have a shared addiction to ABC's hit television series LOST. We just recently began pod casting and are hosting both pre-recorded shows, and live call-in shows via Talk Shoe. Each week we will review an episode of LOST with initial reactions, scene by scene break down analysis, overall theory discussion, Leslie's section entitled ' The Possible Nature of Never Having Happenedness', Matt's focus on the music of LOST entitled 'The Giacchino Moment', listener feedback, and closing thoughts.

We hope you'll download or listen to us at

And please feel free to join us 'on the air' during our next scheduled Talk Shoe Community Call!


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