Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Next Podcast...

Rev up your engines! On the next podcast Leslie and Matt review the LOST pilot - pt.1!
Yep right down from the engine still running at full speed when Jack first arrives on the beach, to 815's pilot's 'last flight' to the trees, Leslie and Matt take a deeper look into the episode that started it all.

Here are a couple of things that we found:

Compared to the Season five finale flash back of Jack's first solo procedure, we noted a discrepancy in the story that Jack relates to Kate in the series premiere:

Q: Jack makes no mention of his father insisting that Jack count to before proceeding. Why do you suppose that is?

A: Note the tear that runs down Jack's face as he relays the story to Kate. We think that Jack IS thinking of his father as he relays the story to Kate. Remember that he is on that flight to bring his father home to bury him. We believe that while Jack is telling the story, he still has not completely come to terms with his daddy's death, nor has he come anywhere close to terms with his 'daddy issues', and hence, he omits his father from the story even though his thinking of daddy and his issues with daddy! (The tear). Also thanks to Ms. Wendy from the LOST Revisited Now Podcast for pointing out to Matt that the daddy issues also manifest in Jack's story to Kate in "316" about how at the time he hadn't even thought that his father was worth a new pair of shoes and had decided to bury daddy in an old pair of white tennis shoes.

Looking into the mobisodes "LOST - Missing Pieces" we find that Vincent the dog's initial mission is clear as well.

Q: Why is it that Vincent seemed to look after Jack a few times in Episode 1 part 1?

A: Because Jack's father (is it really Jack's father?) told Vincent to go wake Jack up, that he has work to do.

Q: So IS it Jack's father or not?

A: Matt feels certain that it is NOT Jack's father. In light of the new information that Dark Locke is a manifestation of Jacob's enemy, Matt feels that all of the manifestations, Jack's father, Michael's Libby, Ben's Alex, Echo's brother Yemi, and any others are all manifestations of Jacob's enemy.

Q: Why would Jacob's enemy want Jack to be alright and 'have work to do?

A: Matt's theory is that Jacob's enemy at the time believes that 'reactionary Jack' (as pointed out by Sawyer/Lafleur) will be a catalyst to help him (Jacob's Enemy) find and execute the loop hole (Locke getting Ben to Kill Jacob as Ben is the real leader at the time since the real Locke is dead), or maybe, at the time, to use Jack's reactionary personality to prove the 'they come they destroy they corrupt" statement yet again to Jacob.

That's a small look into the issues we'll be exploring. Hope you'll join us!

(New podcast coming June 2nd!)

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