Monday, May 11, 2009

Matt's 'Old' Theory:

At the end of season 3, with the development of the 'flash forward', I started developing several theories about some of the phenomenon on the island and a singular theory about the origin of the island. My overall theory has since proven wrong, however I was in fact correct that the island had something to do with time travel.

Here is my original thesis:

The island was formed at the 'end of time' and has been moving backwards through time towards the beginning.

Because of this there are many phenomenon that would seem 'supernatural' to people of the present and past day, but are merely nothing more than extremely advanced science.

The smoke monster is nothing more than an artificially intelligent 'security system' from the future. Future technologies that encountered the island or were placed on the island at some point well in the future allow for a high level brain scan which allow the smoke monster to access all memories and emotions experienced by the subject being scanned. A highly advanced algorithm allows the smoke monster to determine the subject's 'intent' and a proper course of action, either passive or aggressive in regards to the subject is is executed. The form of the smoke monster is of course also future technology, it's most common, but perhaps not exclusive form is that of the smoke which allows it to pass through most obstructions. It's impassable obstructions seem to be collections of trees grown very close together, perhaps due to the collective energies of trees (or a certain type of tree) that act as some type of barrier, and the sonic fence created by the Dharma Initiative.

'Jacob' is from the future, giving him knowledge and access to all 'future' technologies, which would actually be his past as his life is relative to him as an organism (cells don't un-divide so living beings always move relatively forward in time even if time around them is moving in reverse). Because he has this knowledge, various 'supernatural' phenomena are easily accessible (telepathy - projection - perhaps a disembodied state of consciousness) all do to future science.

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