Friday, May 8, 2009

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Reviewing LOST Season 5, Episode 15, "Follow the Leader"

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  1. Hey guys. I ran across your talkshoe page looking for LOST Podcasts and took a listen. As I understand it's your first try at this and I have to say you did a fairly good job. As someone 'in the biz' I hope you won't mind these few little thoughts. First - audio quality. There is a remarkable difference between Leslie's audio quality and Matt's. I suspect that Leslie was probaby using some type of MAC as they handle stream recording very well - and Matt's sounded much more like a phone call - which is ok - it just sounds garbled compared to Leslie's set up. However - there also seems to be a distinct echo on Matt's voice. Experience tells me that this is usually due to the delay created between the time Matt speaks and the time it reaches Leslie's (I'm gonna guess) speakers. Which I would like to make a suggestion that Leslie turn her speakers off and use headphones - or the that both of you use regular phones. The former would be much better than the latter.

    Also Matt - please speak more clearly and try to keep your phone (if you must use a phone) at the same distance to your mouth at all times. There were times when I couldn't understand everything you were saying which made it difficult to relate to your thoughts all of the time. Also try to speak at the same level of volume.

    I really did however like your introduction to each section - great that you took quotes from the show to drive the title of each section home.

    That takes care of technical issues I think.

    Now let's talk content - I found myself becoming somewhat uninterested in your very long show break down after a while. Perhaps make your scene recaps shorter and leave any comments on the scene until after the scene description is over, rather than throwing in a thought as it comes to you. Also - during scene break downs, Matt often seemed like he was mis-reading a script. If that is the case - practice a couple of times before recording - or if you're just using notes - make sure the notes are clear enough that you yourself understand them as you relate the scene.

    Both of you had great perspectives on the scenes as far as I could tell, and you both really seem to be fans of the show - however I felt like during the scene descriptions you both were drifting a bit much into 'theoretical territory' more often rather than true analysis of each scene. Perhaps save that theory stuff for your theory section which seemed a little short compared to what I was expecting after wading through the 'break down' section for more than an hour.

    Leslie's spotlight is just a plain mouthful to say or hear - but it's catchy. Excellent job.

    Matt - the Giacchino moment is a fantastic idea for a weekly spotlight. And - from what I could understand of it - your analysis was spot on - but again - there were times where you seemed to drift or were hard to understand.

    Don't take any of this too personally guys. I understand you are probably both pretty much in the novice phase of this whole thing, and for a first try - you did pretty well. Just remember that there are a whole lot of podcasts out there that have been at this longer than you and will, quite frankly be better. Overall I give you guys 2 out of five stars - which isn't bad for a first try.

    One last techinical issue - the uhms and pauses. This is something that without training or experience is hard to hide, so when you are recording and starting to fade on your thought try your best to keep plowing through. That part will get easier the more you do these pod cast.

    Good luck, and I'll keep listening - and hopefully hearing improvement as you go along.


    Chris Bell
    Atlanta GA

  2. Hi Chris - and thank you for your comments and suggestions! We are new to this whole thing so we hope you'll bear with us as we get through the technical issues.

  3. Hey Chris!

    Thanks so much for your feedback! All great ideas. I was thinking some of the same things and now have a pair of headphones for recording. I think neither of us expected the scene by scene analysis to go as long as it did, either! We're having a good time and will definitely improve each show with the comments and suggestions from someone as supportive, knowledgable and experienced as you. Thanks again and please feel free to give us more of your ideas!! Cheers!