Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Next Podcast...

Rev up your engines! On the next podcast Leslie and Matt review the LOST pilot - pt.1!
Yep right down from the engine still running at full speed when Jack first arrives on the beach, to 815's pilot's 'last flight' to the trees, Leslie and Matt take a deeper look into the episode that started it all.

Here are a couple of things that we found:

Compared to the Season five finale flash back of Jack's first solo procedure, we noted a discrepancy in the story that Jack relates to Kate in the series premiere:

Q: Jack makes no mention of his father insisting that Jack count to before proceeding. Why do you suppose that is?

A: Note the tear that runs down Jack's face as he relays the story to Kate. We think that Jack IS thinking of his father as he relays the story to Kate. Remember that he is on that flight to bring his father home to bury him. We believe that while Jack is telling the story, he still has not completely come to terms with his daddy's death, nor has he come anywhere close to terms with his 'daddy issues', and hence, he omits his father from the story even though his thinking of daddy and his issues with daddy! (The tear). Also thanks to Ms. Wendy from the LOST Revisited Now Podcast for pointing out to Matt that the daddy issues also manifest in Jack's story to Kate in "316" about how at the time he hadn't even thought that his father was worth a new pair of shoes and had decided to bury daddy in an old pair of white tennis shoes.

Looking into the mobisodes "LOST - Missing Pieces" we find that Vincent the dog's initial mission is clear as well.

Q: Why is it that Vincent seemed to look after Jack a few times in Episode 1 part 1?

A: Because Jack's father (is it really Jack's father?) told Vincent to go wake Jack up, that he has work to do.

Q: So IS it Jack's father or not?

A: Matt feels certain that it is NOT Jack's father. In light of the new information that Dark Locke is a manifestation of Jacob's enemy, Matt feels that all of the manifestations, Jack's father, Michael's Libby, Ben's Alex, Echo's brother Yemi, and any others are all manifestations of Jacob's enemy.

Q: Why would Jacob's enemy want Jack to be alright and 'have work to do?

A: Matt's theory is that Jacob's enemy at the time believes that 'reactionary Jack' (as pointed out by Sawyer/Lafleur) will be a catalyst to help him (Jacob's Enemy) find and execute the loop hole (Locke getting Ben to Kill Jacob as Ben is the real leader at the time since the real Locke is dead), or maybe, at the time, to use Jack's reactionary personality to prove the 'they come they destroy they corrupt" statement yet again to Jacob.

That's a small look into the issues we'll be exploring. Hope you'll join us!

(New podcast coming June 2nd!)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our first community call...

Thanks to everyone who came by to our first live community call!

We had some very special guests come and chat with us. Thanks to Donald of Donald is Lost and Anna of Jacob's Cabin for calling in and giving their two cents. Also thanks to JDman for calling in.

Listen here: mp3

Let's hear from you!

Tonight, May 28th at 10pm EDT Leslie and I will be hosting a live call in show at talk shoe. We would love to hear from you! You don't even have to be a member. Just come by our talk shoe page and join the chat room as a guest if you wish. If you want to speak to us on the phone, you can join talk shoe (it's free) and speak to us live!

We hope to see you there!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A video promo of our Podcast!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Season Finale Review Podcast is finally here!

We hope you enjoy our season 5 finale review. You can listen to part 2 below:

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Season Finale Podcast Preview

Hi all! Matt here. We are very sorry not to have gotten our review of 'The Incident' up to the feeds yet. We recorded yesterday (Monday the 18th of May), only to find that because of a bad internet connection (on our end) about every other word dropped out. We think we've fixed the problem now and will re-record on Wednesday and have the podcast out by no later than Thursday morning. Thanks for you patience!

In the meantime please accept this preview of our show. I'll be prerecording my Giacchino Moment segment each week so I thought I would put that up for you to listen to:

Here also is a transcription of the melody of Ben's theme, that is brilliantly used by Giacchino in so many contexts of arrangement and harmonization:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Podcast Schedule Update...

Keys To LOST 's review of the season finale will be out sometime next week. We have to many scheduling conflicts this week to be able to get together but hope to record on Monday and will have the podcast out by no later than Tuesday morning.

Listen here for more details...

or just listen below...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Matt's 'Old' Theory:

At the end of season 3, with the development of the 'flash forward', I started developing several theories about some of the phenomenon on the island and a singular theory about the origin of the island. My overall theory has since proven wrong, however I was in fact correct that the island had something to do with time travel.

Here is my original thesis:

The island was formed at the 'end of time' and has been moving backwards through time towards the beginning.

Because of this there are many phenomenon that would seem 'supernatural' to people of the present and past day, but are merely nothing more than extremely advanced science.

The smoke monster is nothing more than an artificially intelligent 'security system' from the future. Future technologies that encountered the island or were placed on the island at some point well in the future allow for a high level brain scan which allow the smoke monster to access all memories and emotions experienced by the subject being scanned. A highly advanced algorithm allows the smoke monster to determine the subject's 'intent' and a proper course of action, either passive or aggressive in regards to the subject is is executed. The form of the smoke monster is of course also future technology, it's most common, but perhaps not exclusive form is that of the smoke which allows it to pass through most obstructions. It's impassable obstructions seem to be collections of trees grown very close together, perhaps due to the collective energies of trees (or a certain type of tree) that act as some type of barrier, and the sonic fence created by the Dharma Initiative.

'Jacob' is from the future, giving him knowledge and access to all 'future' technologies, which would actually be his past as his life is relative to him as an organism (cells don't un-divide so living beings always move relatively forward in time even if time around them is moving in reverse). Because he has this knowledge, various 'supernatural' phenomena are easily accessible (telepathy - projection - perhaps a disembodied state of consciousness) all do to future science.

What's you're overall theory about what the island is? Leave a comment or
email us.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keys To LOST Ep 1 Supplement

Hi everyone. Here's a video supplement to Matt's Giacchino Moment from the Pilot Episode of the Keys to LOST podcast. Here you will see where the 'Life and Death theme is used and not used. The overall thesis is that Giacchino only uses the theme when a death is foreshadowed or drawn out. It is not used when the character dies unexpectedly or quickly. The one possible exception to this would be Eko, where no theme occurred. It could be argued that his death was drawn out since he had obviously been severely injured by the polar bear - though the smoke monster did make quick work of Eko so in that case the thesis would hold:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Listen to our first (Pilot) pod cast right here:

Reviewing LOST Season 5, Episode 15, "Follow the Leader"

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On behalf of Leslie, welcome to the Keys To LOST blog! We'll be using this to keep you informed about our weekly podcast - Keys To LOST. Leslie and I (Matt - nice to meet you!) are both keyboard musicians in the Saint Louis MO area and have a shared addiction to ABC's hit television series LOST. We just recently began pod casting and are hosting both pre-recorded shows, and live call-in shows via Talk Shoe. Each week we will review an episode of LOST with initial reactions, scene by scene break down analysis, overall theory discussion, Leslie's section entitled ' The Possible Nature of Never Having Happenedness', Matt's focus on the music of LOST entitled 'The Giacchino Moment', listener feedback, and closing thoughts.

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